Complexion Lightening Pads

Skin lightener for all types of hyperpigmentation: Post Inflammatory (from acne), melasma (not from acne and very stubborn. typically hormonal)

Apply initially 3-5 times during your evening skin care routine. Wait until it penetrates to apply moisturizer if necessary.  Be sure to take a few evenings off do NOT use 7 days per week.

Reduce or stop usage once your hyperpigmentation is gone.

*** SPF 30-50 is a must daily



Great skin lightener to aid in the correction of hyper-pigmentation or uneven complexions. Great for all skin types.

Use these pads 3-5 evenings per week depending on the severity of your dark spots after cleansing. Wait until the pads have penetrated to apply moisturizer — approximately 5-10 mins. 

SPF 50 during the daytime a must.

*Great as a pre-treatment prior to a chemical peel and post chemical peels

Contains Kojic Acid, Arbutus, Ascorbic Acid, Green tea, Hydroquinone, Emblica and more!


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